Are Microsoft Insiders really buying Microsoft’s shares since January 2021? Looking at the chart below, only Microsoft CEO Satya Nadelle saw his net number of shares increased substantially. Most other Insiders have disposed some shares.

The question is, is Satya Nadelle really the net buyer of 252,288 Microsoft shares since January 1st, 2021? When we dug deeper into the numbers, it appears that he converted 900,000 stock options into shares instead of buying from the open market.

Here is the explanatory note filed:

Represents full vesting of shares earned under Mr. Nadella’s long-term performance stock award (LTPSA) for the five-year performance period ending February 3, 2021. During the performance period, Microsoft’s total shareholder return was above the 80th percentile of S&P 500 companies, which was required to earn the maximum payout of 900,000 shares

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