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is mark zuckerberg consistently bullish on Facebook?

Is Mark Zuckerberg and his team really consistently bullish on Facebook? On the surface it may seems so. Previous chart showed on a net basis (summing up both shares acquisitions and disposals), it appears that Facebook Insiders have been consistently bullish in 2021 with net positive buying of shares.

However, as we drill-down into the details, majority of so called shares ‘acquisitions’ are conversions from ‘Restricted Stock Units’ to the tune of 4,583,152 shares. In other term, shares given by Facebook to the Insiders. If you remove these shares ‘acquisitions’, most of the shares transacted by Insiders are disposals of shares to a total amount of 5,643,378 since January 1st, 2021.

What is more shocking is that 83.3% of the total shares disposed is from a single Insider. Yes, it’s was Mark Zuckerberg disposing a total of 5,059,326 Facebook shares valued at $1.45 Billion since January 1st, 2021.

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