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has nvidia’s ceo been buying or selling shares?

Nvidia’s share price has benefit tremendous from the meteoric rise in crypto mining. So, how has Nvidia’s Insiders been responding to the 80% rise in its share price for the past one year?

As we look into the details, most Nvidia’s Insiders ‘acquired’ their shares through ‘gift without consideration‘ or ‘restricted stock units that were received as an award’. In other words, they have received (well deserved) Nvidia shares from the company. Hence, majority of Insiders activities have been the disposal of their shares (especially in January 2021).

So, what about Nvidia’s CEO & President Huang Jen Hsun? It appears that Huang Jen Hsun had disposed the most among his peers at 168,325,000 shares since January 1st, 2021 among all the Insiders.

Huang has sold the most in early January 2021 until the middle of March 2021 when Nvidia shares was at $533 compare to $628 (recent last closed). Will we see more selling by Huang moving forward?

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