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is the us reopening trades at full steam and inflation risks here?

With re-opening trades at full steam, is the inflation risks transitory or longer term? Have Exxon’s Insiders been anticipating high oil demand early on? The U.S. has been aggressively vaccinating its population and pushing to re-open its economy. As daily new cases are declining together with massive government stimulus and the Federal Reserves continuing its QE with $120 billion monthly treasury purchases, is inflation a high risks for the market?

We can see the effect with WTI Oil price at 52-weeks high. This year alone, it has gained 53%. This is tracked closely by Exxon Mobil share prices, which gain 56% this year. More interestingly, Exxon Insiders have been way ahead of the curve and been consistently buying its shares through out the year in anticipating oil demand to soar.

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