Data sharing platform for distributed teams & beyond

For businesses to store, manage and share data captured from business documents and cloud services.

Why Firegent?


Meet report deadline without breaking a sweat

You get request for reports all the time but what is slowing you down is getting the data you need. Don’t re-key in the data when your colleagues already have them. Get them to share it with you or simply capture it from documents.


Create unique insights that your team loves

Interesting insights are not about beautiful charts but instead how you can experiment with the data you have. Imagine if you can quickly pull data from various sources, combine them and create multiple scenarios without coding.


Everything else is automated

When you have your data ready and analytics setup, everything else gets updated when others update and edit their data. No re-formatting, re-sorting or re-filtering of new data. Now you have the time to do what is valuable to you.

Data Capture

Capturing data from business documents doesn't have to be complicated! It should be simple for everyone

XGen document data capture solution

Using A.I. to capture data from documents

Data is needed to make data-driven decisions. However, most businesses don’t have easy access to their data as most is stuck inside business documents.

This is because getting the data out involves data capture, system integration and data warehouse. A feat that requires tremendous resources that they just don’t have.

With Firegent, businesses can capture, integrate, and share data without any system integrations. Simply let your data flow the way you need it to.


Search engine for data and documents

Data captured from documents are automatically indexed so you can search and retrieve both data and documents.

All your data in one place

A place where you can get all the data you need

Data from documents

The data you want is most likely stuck inside documents. This is because documents is how businesses share information with each other.

Data from industry experts

Why stress over manually collecting specialize data. Let's the expert do the work and you reap the rewards.

Data from colleagues

Why waste time when someone else already has the data. Share, receive and automatically get updated data from your colleagues.

Combine your data

Your data doesn't have to be alone in a corner. Combine it with other data to 'wow' your manager.

Data from partners

Expand your data network to business partners to receive real-time updates. Sit back and be up-to-date so you can have an informed conversation with partners.

Personal data hub

Your way is the only way to manage the data you captured from spreadsheets, CSVs, PDFs and paper documents.​


Share data among distributed teams

Your data doesn’t have to be in isolation

You may be physically distanced from your colleagues but their data doesn't have to be. Whether you are in operations, finance or working from home, you can get actionable data from anyone.
Link multiple charts to perform scenario analysis and see the effect of how your data is connected in real-time. Visualize your data using dashboards and charts with fine-grain row-by-row control with no coding.

Make data-driven decisions

Let the data convince you instead of instincts

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