Accurate Data

Data Capture

Your virtual assistant providing data capture for business documents, data warehouse and analytics all in one place.

What amazing insights will you create with your data?

Unlock data from your business documents with Firegent Data Platform to discover hidden information.

Why is Firegent unique?

Firegent is like having a personal assistant on steroids. Other outsourcing providers may be able to help you with certain tasks, but they can’t match the power of Firegent’s AI technology. It can automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with data capture, organization, and analysis, and gives you a level of insight and understanding that’s simply not possible with a human alone.

How it Works?

Give us your business documents.

You’ll get access to your data, source documents & analytical software.

We’ll take care of everything else in between.


Your team works hard but can't keep up

Keying in data into systems and looking for documents has become your daily routine. These tasks has taken over the bulk of your time. Everyday, you don’t have much time left to work on your primary role. You hardly have any breathing room before your deadlines and the routine starts again


Limited resources to maintain data & systems.

Implementing an entire data platform is complicated and expensive. You need multiple systems to capture data from documents, store in data warehouse and business intelligence for analysis. Putting these complex systems together is very challenging.


Personalized For You

Technology + Human Intelligence


Nimble + Speed + Accuracy

Why Firegent

Using A.I. to capture data from documents

Data is needed to make data-driven decisions. However, most businesses don’t have easy access to their data as most is stuck inside business documents.

This is because getting the data out involves data capture, system integration and data warehouse. A feat that requires tremendous resources that they just don’t have.

With Firegent, businesses can capture, integrate, and share data without any system integrations. Simply let your data flow the way you need it to.

Human Intelligence fill the remaining 10% gap

Using Articial Intelligence to speed up the processes and scale up the tasks make absolute sense. However, it is always the ‘last mile’ where technology just fall short.

This is where Human Intelligence play the pivotal role in filling this gap to achieve the desired results.

Amazing Results With Our End-To-End Solution

Data Capture + Data Warehouse + Analytics


Secured And Private

Your Privacy Is Personal To Us

We treat your data as private as our own data. No exceptions.

Your documents are automatically processed by our systems without human intervention.

Your data when validated is separated into smaller elements. The validation team has no access to your aggregated data.


Our Personalized Attention

You Get Our Full Attention

A personal Customer Relationship Manager is assigned to you to have a thorough understanding of your data needs. We’ll handle the rest.

Each company’s data need is different. We treat it as such. Your CRM will ensure the successful execution of your personalized requirements and onboarding.

Your CRM is to provide convenience, expediency & fulfillment.


Simple But Powerful

All Your Data In One Place

Just tell us how you want your data to be managed and we’ll keep it neat and tidy for you.

We will import, validate and transform your data.

We can handle paper documents, PDFs, Spreadsheets & CSV files.

Your data will always be up to date


Confidence With Accuracy

You'll Get Accurate Data

In addition to software automation, your data is validated by our team for accuracy.

We will work with you on how you want your data to be categorized and standardized from various type of documents into the correct tables.

We will make sure all your data will be correctly formatted (i.e. numbers, date, text etc) and ready to be utilized.

Firegent’s ‘SourceTrust’ let you go back to source documents in 1-Click.


D.I.Y. Reports Yet Flexible

So Easy You Can Do It Yourself

Create reports confidently with accurate data using our fully integrated analytics module.

Easily build and personalize your analytical projects yourself.

Create sophisticated analytics like ‘Real Time Scenario Analysis’.

Super simple chart creation with real time updates.

Easily combine 2 tables with different data sets for analysis. Joining columns that are not 100% the same? Not a problem for us.

You always get the most ‘up-to-date’ analytics & charts automatically whenever new data are added. No synching or refresh required.