What We Do

How we can get it right for you the first time


Automatically capture data from documents

It is fast and automated when capturing data from documents. This makes it simple for you to collect and standardize data from various sources.


Capture data from various type of documents

Firegent’s systems has been designed to capture data from various type of document formats. Document pages can be in different sizes and varying number of pages.


Manage your data in a single place

We provide data warehouse for all your processed data. The data will automatically show up in one place for you to manage easily. New data is automatically updated to the correct table. You can add, edit, update and access your data for analysis instantaneously.



Qwik Search

As a small business owner, operation or HR manager, you can quickly find the information you need with real-time search and filtering with multiple conditions.

Chart data that has been filtered fast. You can also toggle back to tweak the filters and re-chart again the updated data seamlessly.


Qwik Share

Sharing your data using Firegent is super simple. But it is rally painful when you have to re-format shared data, copy/paste to combine multiple data and manually updating them. Repeating this cycle over and over again is pure madness.

Firegent makes all these processes redundant as all shared data comes with its pre-configured format ready for re-use. New data are automatically updated.

Control What You Share

You are in control of what you share. You decides which fields or filtered data to share.

If you change your mind, you can quickly tweak what you share with immediate effect. Or just un-share the data easily with a simple click.



It is always at the back of our mind, “is the data accurate?”. With Firegent, you can put your mind to rest with our SourceTrust function.

With just a single click, you can verify a specific data back to it’s original source document. It’s that simple.